Struggling With Weight Loss?

Have you struggled with food and exercise? Have you tried over and over to commit to things that ultimately didn’t work? Would you like to reach your goals without confusion or complicated, unrealistic plans you cannot maintain? Do you want to get in the best shape of your life?

Welcome To The Movement Studio!

We help YOU achieve the fulfilling experience of living in your body with HEALTH, YOUTHFULNESS, CONFIDENCE, and JOY! We stop the madness and GET RESULTS. We use the most proven methods in a supportive, motivational and fun atmosphere. We help you move forward, in fitness and in life!

How We Help You

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

All progress with weight loss, fitness, nutrition and health is built on a solid foundation.  Most people never build a foundation that lasts.  That foundation is what The Movement Studio provides.  We will help you change your life and your health permanently.  We are ready to work together to build YOUR healthiest, happiest life!  If you commit to changing your life, we are here with the tools, experience, education and empathy to guide you to achieve your highest potential.

We offer an individualized experience, with support, motivation, and accountability during each step of your transformation. No goal is too small or too big.  We offer personal training individually, as a couple or with a buddy, or in a small group of 3-6 people.  Our personal training is done on a month to month basis; we do not require long term contracts or memberships.  Our loyal clients stay with us because of the remarkable results they achieve.

Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.

Many people come to us with health conditions that can be helped through exercise and nutrition.  We are certified in Medical Fitness.  We are experts in helping YOU lose weight and achieve your peak fitness level.

We have the knowledge and expertise to work with you safely and effectively with any of the following circumstances: before, during and after pregnancy; before, during and after cancer treatment; high blood pressure; diabetes; heart disease; and post injury/surgery rehab.

Good health and eating is as complicated or as simple as you make it.

Our nutrition services are education based and realistic, meaning we take a close look at what, when and where you are eating and TOGETHER implement long-term strategies for improvement that work. We do not hand out meal plans, count calories, or tell you what to eat every day. We equip you to make those decisions for yourself forever, which is a much more powerful and lasting change.

Our nutrition coaching is appropriate for: those working toward improved nutrition and weight loss; those wanting to eat clean; those needing help planning what and when to eat; athletes needing optimum nutrition strategies for performance and recovery; and children and families wanting to eat healthier together.

Your training program is only as good as your recovery.

Recovery is not just important for athletes.  If you work out, most of the benefits of your workout happen after the workout, during your recovery.  This is also a great time to balance out more intense training with active recovery exercises to release tight muscles and correct any muscle imbalances that can lead to chronic muscle pain and injury. 

Our active recovery training is done in a small group setting of 2-4 people.  We use a very effective and safe combination of foam roller, active release, trigger point therapy, yoga, and stretching techniques to promote optimum muscle balance, recovery, and stress relief.  If you do any type of weight training, sports, or running, these recovery sessions are a must for you.  Please contact us to learn more about the current recovery training group times available.

Fitness is freedom.

Welcome to Houston’s original Barre Fitness class.  We were the first studio in the Houston area to be certified in and teach Barre training methods.  We also have extensive background in several types of formal dance training, which is uncommon in today’s barre class trend.

Our Barre Fitness training is held in small groups of 4-6 people, so you always get individual attention to your personal technique, form and progress.  Please contact us to learn more about the current Barre Fitness class times we offer.

Why Choose Us?

We've been at this awhile!

Our experience and longevity says a lot about us.  We have helped thousands of happy clients in our community for over 12 years.  We still train the very first person who walked in our door 12 years ago, and many of our clients have been part of our fitness family for 5 years or more. Whatever your training timeline and goals may be, you can be sure that we will be here for you!

We LOVE Helping People!

Our clients are like our second family.  We have a supportive group that motivates and encourages each other daily, and we all have fun and love training together.  We do fun challenges, activities, and giveaways to help each client continue to set and reach new goals.  We love our clients!  When you join other programs, you go somewhere.  When you join us, you belong somewhere!

We do it best!

Our expertise, credentials and experience in the field of fitness are unsurpassed.  We continually push ourselves as hard as we push our clients to learn new things, improve upon what we do, and only provide the best experience for those we work with.  We take our role and responsibility as your partner in health very seriously, and we have learned, practiced and perfected the best possible tools to succeed in that role!

Where It All Began


Hello!  It’s nice to meet you.

Amy Shaabani – Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, Health Coach

Hello!  It’s nice to meet you.  I started my wellness practice to help others feel healthy, strong and in the best shape of their lives, and to bring people together in that pursuit.  That was in 2004.  Since then, my clients and I have accomplished so much together and had a lot of fun along the way!  My goals today are to live a life of good health and happiness and to motivate and coach others who strive for these same things to succeed with their goals.

B.S. – Biology
M.S. – Health & Wellness

Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine,  National Strength & Conditioning Association
Nutrition Specialist – American Academy of Sports Dietitians & Nutritionists
Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Chek Institute
Cancer Exercise Specialist, Breast Cancer Recovery Specialist – Cancer Exercise Training Institute
Yogafit Certified
Exercise is Medicine Certified – American College of Sports Medicine

Our Happy Clients

Tim W., Client For 3 YearsTim W., Client For 3 Years
I have been training with Amy for over 3 years and have seen my Fitness Age go from 85 to 45, which is years younger than my actual age. It has been a great journey, but not an easy one. Amy's great value has been helping me get through the tough parts. She is a great encourager. Her exercise sessions are tough, and following the healthy nutritional guidelines are equally challenging. Having a setback is always met with a kind but firm push to recommit. She never lets you beat yourself up. Amy is very passionate in her work and genuinely wants me to be successful in achieving my goals!
Bhagya S., Client For 2 YearsBhagya S., Client For 2 Years
Amy is an excellent trainer and gives sage advice to help me reach optimum physical and nutritional status. I like how she keeps things interesting by changing up the workouts so boredom doesn't set in. There are days I want to cry during her workouts but I always feel very accomplished after our sessions. I am not an athlete by any means, but after working out with Amy for the past 2 years I have never felt stronger in my life!
Stacey C., Client For 1 YearStacey C., Client For 1 Year
I’ve been working out at The Movement Studio for over a year now and I have noticed physical and mental  changes since I first started.  I enjoy the social interaction, encouragement and two-person exercises that come with the group setting.  I’ve been a runner since middle school, but I never spent the time to focus on toning my arms, back and abs.  With Amy, I established my baseline and have been able to measure my strength improvements, not just notice it in the mirror and by how I feel.  I’ve also been introduced to new exercises, such as balancing or flexibility exercises, which I would not have chosen to do on my own.  However, I’ve  found a value in them.  I’ve also taken advantage of the nutrition options, which enabled me to think about my eating habits and to eat with purpose. I would recommend The Movement Studio to any person at any level of fitness- every class is different and challenging.
Sherie D., Client For 1 YearSherie D., Client For 1 Year
I’m 51 years old and feel better than I have in 20 years.  Finding Amy has been the best thing for my health and life!  Amy has guided me through exercise & nutrition.  Her workouts are different every day and it’s never boring…she somehow knows exactly what I need and when and pushes me to my individual limits.  I love Amy!
Mili P., Client For 1 YearMili P., Client For 1 Year
Amy is an exceptional trainer!   I have always struggled to stay committed to my workouts.  Amy knows how to motivate me and keep my workouts interesting.  She is very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition, both of which helped create a "lifestyle" change for me.  I have tried my share of trainers and have been with Amy the longest of them all.  She knows just how much to push me.  I often surprise myself after a workout thinking I wasn't going to survive it.  I look forward to many many more workouts with Amy!
Sheila C., Client For 1 YearSheila C., Client For 1 Year
I started working with Amy after I realized I had increasingly been eating poorly, was more sedentary, was tired, unmotivated, and despaired of going on yet another diet.  She pushes me hard but not beyond anything I can do.  She knows exactly how to keep me motivated, and she coaches me to push just a bit harder every time.  After three months, I had dropped 21 years from my initial Fitness Age!  At a recent wedding one of my sons saw me from a distance, and he turned to my husband and said – “Is that Mom?” – he didn’t recognize me!  My husband works with Amy as well; she’s helping him with marathon training.  I really feel like a new person:  stronger, healthier and happier; my clothes fit better and I have a lot more energy.  And despite the fact that I haven’t “dieted” since I started going to her, I’m down ten pounds.  The entire experience has been great – not only is Amy a great trainer, she’s fun to be around as well.
Sarah K., Client For 7 YearsSarah K., Client For 7 Years
I have trained with The Movement Studio for 7 years.  I have been a member of many gyms, run 6 half marathons & 8 mud runs, etc.  None of it has kicked my butt as hard as Amy’s workouts! I have never felt as good as I do the day after working out with Amy. I wish I could train with her every day! She is tough and supportive and always there with sage advice. Thanks, Amy!
Richard H., Client For 1 YearRichard H., Client For 1 Year
As a cyclist for 20 plus years, I had problems with my hip flexors and piriformis that caused chronic pain in my lower back. Amy was highly recommended by a fellow cyclist.  After only a few sessions, I felt a positive difference. I now have vast improvement in the way I get out of bed in the morning and the way I move in my everyday life.  My lower back pain was gone within 3 or 4 sessions.  I was very surprised at how fast Amy figured out my problems and implemented exercises that fixed them; I am pain free!
Melanie D., Client For 3 YearsMelanie D., Client For 3 Years
Since starting in 2013, I’ve seen a change in my body shape very quickly, losing many inches. The results were quicker than if I was going to the gym by myself or trying out my own home workout methods. Every workout brings out strength in me I never know I’ve gained. Amy brings an approach and activities that I haven’t experienced before. With every class I’m pushed to my greatest potential; I leave feeling energized. I’m excited about my progress.
Bhavika P., Client For 3 YearsBhavika P., Client For 3 Years
I started training with Amy 3 years ago and she truly has changed my life. Her workouts are challenging and her constant encouragement motivates me to push myself. She is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and goes above and beyond to educate me. I have referred other friends to Amy because she truly is the best!!
Prasad J., Client For 2 YearsPrasad J., Client For 2 Years
I have been training with Amy for 2 years. I initially had this idea of focusing on upper body and arms, but Amy explained about building core strength as well. Her demonstration of an exercise makes you feel its easy to do, but those exercises are so tough when you try to follow her steps! I am amazed with the different patterns and combinations she has to teach, and that makes the workouts exciting. I still get sore after every session.  I also travel a lot, and Amy always works with my schedule to make sure we train regularly when I am in town.  Amy is an amazing personal trainer and I am glad I found her.
Kim R., Client For 3 YearsKim R., Client For 3 Years
Amy has changed my life! I have always been a yoyo dieter. I have a serious goal of Fit at 50, and Amy is the game changer in accomplishing it. I’ve finally made a lifestyle change. My sessions with Amy have made all the difference. She is very in tune with my progress, changes things regularly and keeps me challenged. I also like the fact that she is educated; I believe what she tells me. I have tried many things, but The Movement Studio is my success!
Crystal H., Client For 6 YearsCrystal H., Client For 6 Years
I’ve worked out with Amy for 6 years.  She is by far the best trainer I’ve ever had in my 20 years of working out. She pushes you hard & helps you achieve real results. Her training program is worth every penny. She is also in excellent physical shape & pushes herself just as hard.
Roje Y., Client For 5 YearsRoje Y., Client For 5 Years
Amy’s creativity and knowledge are impressive and motivating. Her routines are constantly changing, which keeps her classes both interesting and challenging. Each session provides me with a complete and thorough workout. I feel better about myself than I have in years! Thanks, Amy!
Amy N., Client For 6 YearsAmy N., Client For 6 Years
I’ve known Amy since 2001 and trained with her since 2010.  She is very professional, personable and a great trainer. I feel challenged at every visit! It seems as if every workout is different and my workouts are never boring or repetitive! I would recommend her to anyone interested in training!
Graham A., Client For 1 YearGraham A., Client For 1 Year
I am loving Amy’s barre class! I am always sore after, in a good way. Amy does a great job of changing the exercises each week to keep it interesting and fun. This class really targets problem areas with isolated movements for optimum burn.
Amy S., Client For 1 YearAmy S., Client For 1 Year
I’ve been doing the barre class with Amy, and I am loving it! I love the small isolations to really target problem areas. I’m seeing great results, especially in my hips and thighs. It’s a fun class and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Amy!
Minerva P., Client For 8 YearsMinerva P., Client For 8 Years
Since joining The Movement Studio 8 years ago, my body has done a 180º turn. I’ve lost nearly 38 pounds and continue to lose inches. With The Movement Studio, I love the fact that I’ve never had the exact same workout twice. By losing weight, I’ve also taken control of and reversed several serious health issues as well.
Scarlette B., Client For 1 YearScarlette B., Client For 1 Year
Amy does a fantastic job with our barre class! She pushes me to work harder while keeping the energy in the class light and fun. I always leave our class feeling great and wake up the next day feeling even better!
Nell C., Client For 10 YearsNell C., Client For 10 Years
I’ve trained with The Movement Studio for 10 years.  I love working out with Amy! I’m not a pro athlete or marathon runner. I’m just a mom that makes time a few days a week to do this for myself. It makes all the difference when you schedule it and are accountable. It makes all the difference in how I feel, too!
Madison W., Client For 2 YearsMadison W., Client For 2 Years
I’ve learned so many great things from Amy’s barre class and personal training; I don’t know where to begin! Every week is a new challenge, and I feel my strength building with every session! Amy is an amazing and encouraging trainer. She pushes me to do better with every workout! I highly recommend The Movement Studio!
Shea B., Client For 8 YearsShea B., Client For 8 Years
Working out with Amy is no joke!  I have worked with her for 8 years.  Sessions are tailored to have just the right amount of challenge so that you’ll see results.  I’ve tried several different exercise programs but I always seem to come back to Amy.  Her focus on core strength has helped me get stronger, quicker, and leaner.  I actually enjoy working out now!
Marissa S., Client For 2 YearsMarissa S., Client For 2 Years
I’ve worked with Amy for a year and a half. I’ve lost inches, dropped two dress sizes and feel absolutely amazing. When I started I was pre-diabetic and was diagnosed with fatty liver at the age of 23. I have reduced my diabetes medicine, gotten off other medications, and I no longer have fatty liver. Amy has played a huge part in my success. She’s passionate and dedicated to making sure I reach my goals!
Ann T., Client For 4 YearsAnn T., Client For 4 Years
I have worked out with Amy for 4 years, and every workout is unique and challenging. She brings new and exciting training ideas to our sessions! She takes an interest in me and is only a text away. She has also nutritionally helped me to meet my healthy goals!
Jonee B., Client For 6 YearsJonee B., Client For 6 Years
The Movement Studio is amazing! I joined the boot camp class after a shoulder injury and was very concerned about injuring my shoulder again. Amy always checked how I was doing as we did each workout. My shoulder is not only better but stronger and pain free after just 2 months. I had not seen my sister since I started, and her first question was what was I doing to stay in such great shape. It’s hard to explain how special Amy is as an instructor.
Alicia P., Client For 2 YearsAlicia P., Client For 2 Years
I have gotten great results with The Movement Studio. I had high blood pressure that was not controlled even with medication. A short while after training with Amy my blood pressure became normal and is now considered healthy. I am also much stronger than I ever thought I could be. Amy is very knowledgeable about health and fitness and really cares about my well-being. She is truly a dedicated professional and a joy to work with.
Thelma R., Client For 2 YearsThelma R., Client For 2 Years
I have been working out with Amy for 2 years and I feel amazing! I went from eating unhealthy with low energy to being active in every aspect of my life. She has helped me both look and feel better. Now I am able to fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in over 20 years! She is an amazing trainer and coach!
Carolyn M., Client For 9 YearsCarolyn M., Client For 9 Years
I’ve trained with Amy for 9 years.  I have had health issues that require daily medications; these medications cause severe muscle & joint pains.  With Amy’s training, I have greatly decreased these pains and have better mobility than before. I have tried other trainers and doing things “on my own” at the gym but never had the results I get from Amy’s personal training. I can’t say enough for her dedication to her clients. When you leave her workout, you know you have WORKED OUT!
Cherie H., Client For 9 YearsCherie H., Client For 9 Years
I have worked with Amy for 9 years; she is the first person that makes me want to work out consistently! I am in better shape in my 30s than I was in my 20s! Her workouts are different and challenging, but above all effective. Amy wants me to reach my goals, and she is willing to help any way she can. I especially love the fact that she takes her craft seriously and regularly learns new things. I have invited several people to training and they like it too.
Deborah D., Client For 6 YearsDeborah D., Client For 6 Years
After 30 years of teaching karate and yoga, I started training with Amy in 2010. The workouts are awesome and challenging. Amy takes a personal interest in my health and well-being. She is the best in her field and always current on state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. In 2012, I decided to open my own yoga studio. I thank Amy for getting my juices moving and motivating me to not only make a difference in my life but in others’ too!
Paul W., Client For 6 YearsPaul W., Client For 6 Years
I have trained with Amy for 6 years! My doctors and I are very satisfied with my results. I started after undergoing chemotherapy. Amy has helped me reach my goals. The thing I like best is that we are all like a family! We have a group that has been together for several years and are always welcoming new members! Our workouts are very challenging, and Amy is very good at working with every skill level and each individual’s needs. I could not be happier.
Alice T., Client For 5 YearsAlice T., Client For 5 Years
I’m 57 and I feel better than I have in a long time. I have energy and I am strong! I’ve lost inches and I have better posture. Best of all is what’s happening inside. After my doctor talked to me about my low bone density, I found Amy and started training. At my next visit my bone density in my spine increased 7%! All my numbers improved; my doctor was very happy! Amy is kind and positive and makes me believe that I can do it. I look forward to every session!
Traci P., Client For 12 YearsTraci P., Client For 12 Years
I was Amy's very first client when she started as a trainer, and I have trained with her for over 12 years now! What I love about her training is that it's never boring, and even after all this time, I am still challenged every time I train with her and meeting new goals we set together.  Amy has a great sense of knowing how far to push her clients at just the right intensity to get results while keeping exercise a very positive experience.  I have been active my whole life and tried lots of other programs over the years; none of them compare to Amy's. She is an educated, empathetic professional.  She is a true gem and I feel so fortunate to have her as my trainer.
Tony R., Client For 10 YearsTony R., Client For 10 Years
I have been training with Amy for 10 years. As a competitive triathlete for over 20 years, I became so used to a routine pattern of swimming, biking and running and always using the same muscle groups. Since working with The Movement Studio, I have rediscovered muscle groups that I forgot existed!  In just a short time, this training translated to measurable improvements in my races.  I am stronger in my core, ankles, back, and glutes thanks to Amy.  By seeing her on a regular weekly basis, I have maintained my strength and flexibility throughout my 40’s.

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